Beyond relationship fundraising

One of the objectives of our review was to ‘refashion’ relationship fundraising – to imagine different way for conceiving of relationship fundraising. So during 2019, we will be establishing a task group to imagine different futures for relationship fundraising, and indeed, to question whether the idea of ‘relationship fundraising’ is actually obsolete and has been surpassed by more sophisticated concepts.

Following Rogare’s interdisciplinary approach, we will look particularly to marketing and public relations for concepts and ideas on relationship management that can be adapted to fundraising and relationships with donors. These are likely to include, and this is a far from exhaustive list of ideas:

  • Total relationship marketing » total relationship fundraising

  • Customer experience » donor experience

  • The theory of managing Organisation-Pubic Relationships (OPRs) from public relations

  • Customer brand engagement » donor brand engagement

  • Virtual relationships and those managed by artificial intelligence

  • A postmodernist approach to donorcentred fundraising and storytelling.

Further reading

You can check out these articles on the Critical Fundraising Blog, all of which offer refashioned new directions for relationships fundraising:

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  • A balancing act – applying ‘total’ relationship fundraising to all donor relationships
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  • How anthropology can give us new insights into donorcentred fundraising
    by Ashley Scott.

Help us look beyond relationship fundraising

We will be looking for fundraising practitioners and pracademics with a particular interest in these issues to help us build and deliver this project. This will be more than simply writing an opinion piece about your preferred new take on relationship fundraising. This will be about mining existing ideas and constructing sound evidence- and theory-based new ideas for relationship fundraising.

So it will suit someone with an academic background for sure, though that’s not essential. More important is that you’ve got new ideas and are prepared to put in the work to research and evidence them – and be prepared to adapt and revise them (or throw them out) if the evidence and theory doesn’t support your ideas.

We’ll post more details about to get involved with this project in due course, so please keep an eye out for more details on Twitter and the Critical Fundraising Forum on Facebook. 

Our Associate Members

Rogare is supported in its work by a number of Associate Members – partners to the fundraising sector that share our critical fundraising ethos. Our Associate Members are: