Advocating fundraising during the Coronavirus pandemic

There have been many calls, from different directions, to scale back or stop fundraising during the Coronavirus/Covid-19 pandemic.

These can often seem like spurious arguments. For example, comms teams have advised fundraisers to stop sending out direct marketing because it might be seen as inappropriate, or to cease legacy fundraising as it might be seen as offensive.

We are already running a project that will look at the ethics of legacy fundraising during health emergencies.

We have also begun a project looking at the evidence for fundraising practices during times of economic hardship and emergency. The recommendations from this project will help to provide evidence-based responses to many of the arguments and challenges presented against fundraising. 

However many arguments against fundraising appear to be values-driven and/or ideological, and so not necessarily contingent on factual evidence, nor amenable to factual rebuttal. 

This project will therefore collect and collate the many such arguments that have been made and – based on Rogare’s work on responding to ideological arguments, particularly those that went into the Canadian Fundraising Narrative – develop some standard counterarguments that fundraisers can use.

Project group

Vivian Smith

Project leader

Liberty Quest Enterprises (Canada)

  • Neil Gaillaiford, Stephen Thomas Ltd (Canada)

  • Jennifer Johnstone, Central City Foundation (Canada)

  • Juniper Locilento, Community Food Centres Canada (Canada)

  • Colin Skehan, Trócaire (Ireland)

More information

  • Find out more about the Canadian Fundraising Narrative

Our Associate Members

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