How will the pandemic affect fundraising?

Fundraising is going to be changed by what is happening to it in the Coronavirus pandemic. That is unquestionable. But there are questions not just about what changes will be forced on the profession, but also what opportunities for change this situation presents.

This project – through a series of blogs on the Critical Fundraising blog – will critically consider what those opportunities for change might be, some of which might be controversial; and what might be the more complex, and perhaps hidden, changes that will be forced on fundraising as a result of the pandemic.

Project group

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Anthony Petchel

Project leader

Reach CDC (USA)

  • T Clay Buck, Tactical Fundraising Solutions (USA)

  • David Burgess, Apollo Fundraising (UK)

  • Nigel Harris, Nigel Harris and Associates (Australia)

  • Heather Hill, Chapman Cubine Allen + Hussey (USA)

  • Cherian Koshy, Des Moines Performing Arts (USA)

  • Ruth Smyth, Boldlight (UK)

  • Jason Lewis, Responsive Fundraising (USA)

Our Associate Members

Rogare is supported in its work by a number of Associate Members – partners to the fundraising sector that share our critical fundraising ethos. Our Associate Members are:
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