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Kingston University presentations

From this page you can download all the presentations from the Rogare-Kingston Business School event held on 24 May 2022.

  • Rethinking Fundraising – Ian MacQuillin. DOWNLOAD

  • Fundraising history/historiography – Ian MacQuillin. DOWNLOAD

  •  Psychological bequest factors driving legacy decisions – Dr Lucy Lowthian. DOWNLOAD

  •  Overcoming donors’ silent resistance to taboo causes – David Harrison. DOWNLOAD

  •  Rethinking fundraising ethics – Ian MacQuillin. DOWNLOAD

  •  Ethics of framing of service users – Jess Crombie. DOWNLOAD

  •  Rethinking relationship fundraising – Ian MacQuillin. DOWNLOAD

  •  Gender issues in fundraising – Heather Hill CFRE. DOWNLOAD

  •  Disintermediated giving – Juniper Locilento CFRE. DOWNLOAD


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