A new narrative for Canadian fundraising

Rogare has been commissioned by the Association of Fundraising Professionals in Canada (work funded by Rogare Associate Member Stephen Thomas Ltd) to develop a new narrative by which fundraisers in Canada will be able to understands criticism of and objections to fundraising and so to better engage with critics.

This was delivered to the AFP in November 2018 and we are now working with the AFP in Canada to turn this into practical applications for fundraisers.

We’ll post more details of this work on our website as we work with AFP to put this information into the public domain.

In the meantime, this article by Ian MacQuillin on Third Sector (behind a paywall) touches on some of the issues developed for the Canadian narrative.

Our Associate Members

Rogare is supported in its work by a number of Associate Members – partners to the fundraising sector that share our critical fundraising ethos. Our Associate Members are:
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