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Changing the culture of learning

Rogare is the bridge that links the academic and practitioner branches of the fundraising profession, and the engine that turns academic research and theories into actionable ideas for fundraisers. But there is little point in throwing reports and outputs from an academic ivory tower at practitioners if those practitioners either don’t see the need for them or they cannot or don’t know how use them.

We are therefore aiming to bring about a paradigm shift (a real one!) in how fundraisers use theory and evidence in making decisions, not just in their day-to-day professional practice, but also in policy-making for the whole sector.

To achieve this, Rogare has several tools, frameworks and initiatives to help fundraisers think critically about what they do and what they know.

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Theory of Change

To Rethink Fundraising, develop a more robust knowledge base, and bring about the paradigm shift we aiming for, we need a proper process rather than just leaving it all to chance. As so we have developed a Theory of Change for Fundraising.

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Network for Change

We at Rogare can’t rethink or change fundraising on our own. We’re far too small and inconsequential. We need the help of critically-thinking fundraisers to help us deliver on the theory of change and ‘co-create’ with us the new knowledge we need, and help spread these ideas and get them adopted throughout fundraising practice. This is the Critical Fundraising Network and we need you to be part of it.

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Mode of Enquiry for Change

Critical Fundraising is what we call our mode of enquiry for how we interrogate fundraising’s store of professional knowledge and how we build a new knowledge base. Critical Fundraising means that we will always challenge the status quo but never be indoctrinated by it. Just because fundraisers have always done things a certain way doesn't mean they should carry on doing it that way. 


We can't change fundraising without your help.

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