ROGARE - Rethinking Fundraising

Rogare is the independent fundraising think tank 

Rogare (Latin for 'to ask') is the bridge that links the academic and practitioner branches of the fundraising profession and the engine that turns academic theory and research into actionable ideas for fundraisers.

The problem we exist to solve

Why we are rethinking fundraising

The practice of fundraising is not built upon a sufficiently rich and robust knowledge base, and fundraisers do not sufficiently value, seek out, and use the knowledge that is available to them. The lack of a sufficiently rich and robust theoretical foundation to fundraising often leads fundraisers to make poor and inconsistent decisions in areas such as ethics and regulation, which can impact experience they provide to their donors and ultimately the amount of money they can raise to help the lives of their beneficiaries.

How we are rethinking fundraising

Two ideas

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Richer knowledge

We need to create a richer knowledge base for fundraising. This means rethinking both the type of knowledge that underpins fundraising and how fundraisers acquire and value knowledge.

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Change the culture

We need to bring about a culture change in knowledge acquisition in fundraising. We need to bring about a paradigm shift in how fundraisers use theory and evidence to tackle the challenges they face.

Rogare is the engine that turns academic theory and research into actionable ideas for fundraisers.

  • We need to rethink what knowledge we need.

  • We need to rethink from where we get our knowledge. 

  • We need to rethink how we value that knowledge and how we use and apply it.

  • We need to rethink all the things we think we know for certain.

  • We have to rethink and challenge the status quo in fundraising and not be indoctrinated by it.

We need to rethink fundraising.


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