Theory of Change

How we are going to bring about change in fundraising

To bring about the change we want to see in our profession, Rogare has
developed the a Theory of Change for fundraising:

  • By enabling fundraisers to Ask the right questions about

  • Theory and

  • Evidence

  • through Critical thinking,

  • in a mode of enquiry we call ‘Critical fundraising’,

  • we can establish a Critical Fundraising Network

  • that will engender a Culture of questioning, in which we will explore

  • Under-researched issues (evidence), and

  • Under-thought issues (theory)

  • leading to Better theory and Better evidence

  • that will close Knowledge gaps,

  • and, by Influencing the influencers

  • Embed new knowledge and thinking in professional practice

  • resulting in a Paradigm shift in how fundraisers use Theory and Evidence to
    Professional challenges.

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More information

  • Find out more about the Theory of Change in the full report that explains the rationale behind it. This report well be available shortly.

  • Download the Rogare Theory of Change for Fundraising graphic.

  • Teach a fundraiser to fish…Rogare’s theory of change for fundraising
    by Amanda Shepard, chair of the Theory of Change Task Group, on the Critical Fundraising Blog 

  • Resolving the tension between practice and academia in Rogare's work
    by Rogare’s director Ian MacQuillin on the
    Critical Fundraising Blog

  • The Theory of Change was co-created by a team of Rogare’s International Advisory panel and published in 2017. See who helped put this together.

  • Find out about and download our This is a Fundraising Office Manifesto

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  • Find out about and download our I Am a Critical Fundraiser Manifesto

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