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Rogare is the bridge linking the academic and practitioner branches of the fundraising profession. We are also – to mix our metaphors – the engine that turns academic theory and research into actionable ideas for fundraisers.

We won’t succeed in this unless we have plenty of fundraising practitioners on their side of the bridge calling out for new information, telling the academic side what information they need to fill knowledge gaps, and then when they have it, using that new information to plug those gaps by disseminating it throughout professional practice.

We can’t hope to get all this information to every single coalface fundraiser. But our Theory of Change for Fundraising tells us we can reach them by ‘influencing the influencers’.

Will you be one of our influencers by being part of our Critical Fundraising Network.

Central to this project as key influences have been the 120 members (in 16 countries) of our International Advisory Panel. Members of the panel have formed working groups and teams that have contributed to many of Rogare’s projects and outputs.

We also have more than 1,000 members of our Critical Fundraising Forum on Facebook. This is our ‘window to the world’ where members discuss and debate current issues in fundraising. If you would like to join the conversation on some of the most challenging and difficult question in fundraising, you can join our community here.

Rogare stands or falls by how well our Critical Fundraising Network works.

Or in other words, we need you.

We cannot succeed without you.


So join us. We won’t succeed without your input.


This is your think tank for your profession, so please consider getting involved.

We have some things in the pipeline for ways in which fundraisers can help us. We’ll update this page in due course of course telling you how you can get involved, but in the meantime, please follow us on Twitter (@RogareFTT),  Facebook (by joining the Critical Fundraising Forum) for news of these opportunities.

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We can't change fundraising without your help.

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