Richer knowledge base

Rogare is the engine that turns academic research and theories into actionable ideas for fundraisers by bringing existing research to the attention of the fundraising profession and suggesting how this can be applied in new ways to practice.

In developing new knowledge, we tackle issues in fundraising that are under-researched or under-thought.

Under-researched – topics where you feel there is simply not enough reliable data to inform current practice. Our aim is to find out what research does exist and suggest how this could be used by practitioners.

Under-thought – subjects where you feel that the arguments, discussions and debates lack cohesion, substance and/or internal logic. These are likely to be characterised by the same rhetorical arguments being repeatedly used (from within the sector as well as without) without progress actually being made. Our aim is to develop new theory in order to ask better questions to get the evidence we need.

We take an interdisciplinary approach, developing new ideas and theory for fundraising from subjects such as social psychology, moral philosophy, anthropology, public relations, marketing, evolutionary biology and many others.

And we’ll do this using the mode of enquiry we call ‘Critical Fundraising’.

Current research interests

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  • Click here for more information about all our research topics.

  • See our Theory of Change for fundraising to find out how we plan find out what new knowledge we need and then embed that new knowledge in professional practice.

Critical fundraising reports

We also aim to expand the knowledge base by getting fundraisers to ask questions about what knowledge they currently have and what more they need. These are then published in Critical Fundraising Reports for types of fundraising, issues in fundraising or countries. We have so far published three national CFR reports for Ireland, Scotland and USA.

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More information

  • Find out more about Critical Fundraising Reports.