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Mark Phillips

Mark Phillips Cropped.png

United Kingdom

General secretary

Bluefrog London (Rogare Associate Member)




Mark Phillips runs Bluefrog Fundraising, the acclaimed fundraising creative agency he founded in 1997 with the goal of it being the agency he would want to employ. Mark has a BA in development studies form the University of East Anglia, which was where he got the advice to get a job in charity marketing. He then received an MSc from Manchester University in management science. This led to a first job at ActionAid, and then seven years as head of fundraising at YMCA. Mark is one of the global fundraising profession’s most in-demand conference presenters, particularly on Bluefrog’s research into the motivations, attitudes and behaviours of mid-value donors. He also writes the Queer Ideas blog, which explores and presents new takes on many critical issues in fundraising, and curates examples of historical charity advertising and direct mail on Pinterest.

Areas of interest

  • Understanding why donors give

  • Evidence-based best practice

  • Fundraising history.

Rogare involvement

  • Member of Rogare Council 1920 to date

    • Governance and Oversight Group

  • Project team member and lead supporter – Fundraising history/historiography

  • Member of International Advisory Panel 2014-20

  • Member of Rogare board 2019-20.

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