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We should not fundraise in the pandemic because…

Some of the objections reported to our survey


The first stage in this project was to ask fundraisers to let us know the types of objections to fundraising they were coming up against. This is a sample of what they told us. These are not necessarily direct quotes from the people who made these objections but the words used by respondents to our survey to report those objections

Our wealthy donors will also be struggling. We don't want to be seen to be 'capitalising' on the situation. We don't do front line work so we can't make a good case – people will give elsewhere.

Chief executive/senior director and board members, UK


Businesses are closing and people are being laid off. We are not on the frontlines of Covid-19 so now is not the time to ask.

Chief executive/senior director, Canada


Many of our members are suffering job and income losses, it would be callous to press them for donations, since we are not a first responder charity.

Chief executive/senior director and board member, Canada


We have already asked our supporters to give to our emergency appeal so we shouldn't be asking them to do anything else.

Chief executive/senior director and comms teams, UK


The price of oil has tanked, the stock-market is down, people are being laid off and hurting; how can we ask them for money at a time like this?

Chief executive/senior director, Canada


Philanthropists are only interested in Covid work right now so it's not worth fundraising.

Board member, USA


Donors would be insulted and outraged.

Board member, USA


We don't want to come across as tone-deaf and uncaring by asking people to give
what they don't have. We'll just make people feel worse.

Chief executive/senior director, programme staff and finance staff, Canada


We are not a direct service provider, so we should pause since donors will be focused on food, shelter and medical supplies/PPE. Otherwise we appear ‘tone deaf’

Donor, USA


You’re going to come off as tone deaf. My friends are giving to first responders and emergency aid, not your college.

Programme staff, USA


We are in a stronger financial position than most of our peers so it wouldn't be right for us to make any appeals.

Chief executive/senior director and board member, UK


We have to be careful about how the message will land. People might react
poorly if we appear to be tone deaf.

Comms staff, UK


There's no point engaging in community fundraising because nobody can do
anything anymore.

Chief executive/senior director and comms staff, UK


You're not a frontline charity. It's disgraceful/unethical/awful to be ‘begging’ for money during this time when so many people are dying/more needy/in poverty

Donor, UK

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