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Our project types

At Rogare we conduct our work in three broad categories of initiatives:

  1. Knowledge Collectives

  2. Research projects

  3. Research centres.


Knowledge Collectives

Fundamental to rethinking fundraising is to assess what we already know (and to provide access to and help fundraisers understand and use the knowledge that already exists); and to identify where the gaps in our knowledge might be. This is what our Knowledge Collectives do, based on two main tasks:

  1. The first role is to convene in the manner of a study or discussion group to identify gaps in research, evidence and theory and suggest ways to fill them, come up with new research questions, and look at barriers to knowledge and suggest ways to overcome them. The Collective will also look for new ideas, thinking and trends, and anything else that might be interesting or relevant. It will then share these with the rest of the CFR Network and the profession as a whole. 

  2. The second role is to collate and signpost the best existing knowledge about particular subjects so that fundraisers have a go-to source of the best available evidence and theory. There is a defined and robust process that Rogare has developed for doing this, which sets out, for example, the evidential criteria for discriminating between different types of source (e.g. an academic paper or market research).


You can find out more about Knowledge Collectives in the professional practice section here.


Research projects

Rogare’s bread and butter is projects that aim to fill a particular gap in fundraising’s knowledge base by synthesising new ideas and concepts. You can find a list of all our works streams and and link to the projects that fall within them here.

Research centres

We do more work in some subjects than others, with so much going on that it’s possible for us to bring together all the individual project work under a single banner.  Whereas the teams working on our Research Projects and Knowledge Collectives are often transient teams assembled only for the duration of the work, our Research Centres are permanent, semi-formal networks established to ensure a continued stream of new ideas and questions on particular subjects.


We intend to establish a Fundraising Ethics Research Centre during 2021, with plans for a Relationship Fundraising Research Centre in development.

Until then you can find out more about our work on fundraising ethics here, and on relationship fundraising here.

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