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Join the Critical Fundraising Network

Is this you?

  • Are you critical thinker? Maybe you are a critical overthinker?

  • Do you get excited thinking about the challenges that fundraising faces and how to solve them?

  • Are you looking for new intellectual challenges?

Tick any of these boxes – hopefully all three – and you could be who we are looking for to join our Critical Fundraising Network to help help us to Rethink Fundraising by contributing to our various projects and work streams.

If this challenge excites you – and you’re ready to throw yourself into it – then please drop an email to Rogare’s director Ian MacQuillin, reach out to any of the Rogare Council members on LinkedIn or drop us a message using the form below..

If you need a bit more persuasion or convincing that Rogare’s Critical Fundraising Network is the right challenge for you, then there are a few things you could read to help you make up your mind.

First take a look at our paper Rethinking Fundraising, which sets out everything you need to know about Rogare – who we are, why we’re doing what we do, how all our various work streams fit together, our approach to research and problem solving, and how the Critical Fundraising Network operates.

You can also take a look at three blogs by Ian MacQuillin, and Rogare Council Members Ashley Belanger, Esther Kwaku and Nigel Harris. 

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More information

  • Ian MacQuillin's blog on why you should join the CFR Network - Do you think fundraising is as exciting as a four-winged dinosaur?

  • Council member Ashley Belanger explains how she has found her tribe in the Rogare Critical Fundraising Network.

  • Council member Esther Kwaku says you'll be struck by conversational lightning in the Critical Fundraising Network.

  • Council member Nigel Harris wondered if fundraisers exhibit enough intellectual curiosity in their profession.

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I'm interested in joining the Critical Fundraising Network

Thanks for your interest. We'll be in touch soon.


Membership of the Critical Fundraising Network is open only to members of the fundraising profession, including those volunteer fundraisers and those studying fundraising who consider themselves to be part of the fundraising profession.

Further, for those earning their living as professional fundraisers, membership is restricted to fundraisers employed by nonprofit organisations, or consultancies or with no more than two staff. If you work for a larger supplier to the fundraising profession, perhaps you could consider Associate Membership of Rogare?

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