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Barriers to relationship fundraising

Our relationship fundraising review indicated that many fundraisers feel there are barriers that prevent relationship fundraising being fully implemented by nonprofits. So we set up a task group to help understand what these barriers are and how to break through them. The main recommendations from this group were:

  1. Develop a set of metrics that can be used to measure the success of relationship fundraising

  2. Establish an award for best use of relationship fundraising

  3. Explore the current paradigms in the commercial world about customer experience and other concepts and suggest future directions for relationship fundraising

  4. Publish case studies of great relationship fundraising on the Rogare website or a special website specially set up for the purpose

  5. Be advocates for relationship fundraising.

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More information

  • Download our report on the barriers to relationship fundraising and how to break through them. 

  • Read a summary of the findings on the Critical Fundraising blog.

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